Crow Pose is often the first arm balance that yoga students tackle. Though it looks like it’s all about arm strength,  the keys are actually learning where your center of gravity is and how to distribute your weight so that you can balance.

The biggest hurdle to overcome is usually a reluctance to move enough of your weight forward into your hands. When you find that sweet spot, the feet just pop off the floor almost on their own.


Crow yoga poses not only builds and tones the core, it also strengthens the arms, wrists and upper back. This is the perfect pose to practice as we build up to other arm balances like Handstand and Firefly poses. Practicing crow also improves balance and deepens concentration and focus, while opening the hips.

Contradictions & Cautions

  • Not to be done by someone suffering from hip injury.
  • Not to be done by someone having carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Not to be done by someone who is suffering from anxiety problems as Crow Pose (Kakasana) requires a lot of focus and inner strength.

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