“Yoga is not about self-improvement, it’s about self-acceptance.” ― Gurmukh kaur khalsa

“Yoga”, before knowing the real meaning of it I was attracted to it and eager to bring it into my daily life. It was introduced yoga by one of my friends during my graduate school years. We practiced yoga every morning when we did not have classes. The best thing loved about yoga is the calmness and the gentleness it brought to my life. I was touched by the fact that it connects our mind while moving our body, synchronizing breath in every single moment. Yoga has become lifestyle. It teaches us to be kind to ourselves and accept for who we are.  One of my yoga instructors said, “don’t be impressed and depressed with your body, go with the flow, connect your mind, body and soul’. This statement really stuck by me.  There is no rush, no comparison and no shame in yoga.

Yoga has helped me to learn about myself, my strength and to accept me, as I am. It has helped me trust in the process and be mindful on what I choose for my living. It is a learning process and I am looking forward to learn and share more.